Latino woman seating at her loom with a black cat next to her

Weaving ground me and allow me to fly at the same time. When I sit in front of the loom the dance start. A dance of “una arañita tejedora”, where in each movement I see the continuous creation of cloth, where with each weft I have the opportunity to create, experiment, and follow my intuition. Improvisation? yes! that is my style.

Latino woman wearing a colorful handwoven infinity scarf with a white hand knitted hat
My work is primarily textile based, created using both ancient and novel techniques in weaving, tapestry, dyeing, and embroidery. The process of creating colorful cloth speaks to me, and I see colors as a messenger of happiness. I constantly look for color pallets in nature, I use those colors as an initial inspiration and I introduce more colors in not order. I follow my intuition and where the cloth wants to go.
handwoven fabric on a loom with a weaving shuttle. the handwoven colors goes from blues, purples, orange, and there is a group of solid colors as bands of red, white, red
A combination of my Peruvian heritage as well as my education as an environmental engineer brings the outlook I have on my work.
Bold textiles! I want colors to be part of everyday life.
I find love, comfort, and warmth in textiles.